Windows: stuck between turns [another Catan freeze/game or network issue]

  • I ended my turn, the next player doesn't see it. Usually if they restart, they'll see it (that's a bug)... but today I had to restart to see it still think it was my turn but not really be my turn >> the turn timer was going but I couldn't actually do anything, nor end my turn, and the turn timer would run and "end my turn because I took to long", but then not actually pass the dice (give the player the next turn). I restarted again and it was still stuck at the end of my turn --- eventually I was kicked from the game because "I took too long for 3 turns", but really it was the fault of the game because it's not telling the next player to go.

    I'm sure this has been reported, but when is any of this going to be fixed. One can't count on playing a fast/smooth game without bumping into bugs over and over. [and then often wasting time telling other people to restart as they don't know about the bugs/work arounds]

    [it makes me wonder how Catan keeps track of it's internal state, like it's a bunch of flags that can get messed up and contradict themselves rather than a single value to control the primary game state so that it can recover more gracefully from faults. Not that I've programmed games... it's just confusing how it keeps getting stuck and often can't recover gracefully]

  • Indeed, it happens by me one on the four times, sometimes offer.. my karma goes down only by this bug... Because of course you have to quit the game after 5 minutes waiting...

  • Ya I know . I love this game but all the glitches, game crashes, freezes is total fricken crap!,,,,, can the makers of this games please fix this already! This has happened to me like over 20 times!! I’ve had enough!,, I was just 1 point away from winning and the gamesf freezes, so I go out f the game to refresh it , in hopes to join back in, but it wouldn’t let me. So I keep losing points and everything. Really started to hate this game! Why won’t the makers fix this already?..

  • The same, I have the same problem with the game, I had been stuck several times because this problem, and my karma rating downgrades because a problem with the game! Plese fix it, you have a great game here but if this problems keep happening I would stop playing because is frustrating.

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