over an hour now and the system won't boot a non responding player - HELP

  • So I got the last night and am ready to win in a turn or two and one of my opponents just stopped replying before his roll and boom nothing for an hour+

    This has happened a few times, but this time I am just leaving it up to see what happens (still up in a different tab).

    What can I do now and in the future? Also is there a way to fix this issue? I mean come on there has to be a solution to this - Oh, I am losing, just don't roll and hopefully everyone will leave - or whatever it is.

  • That still happens... they did not fix it! I was playing yesterday a game and happened the same situation, one player stopped playing because he was loosing and the kick timer did not exist! There wasn't any way to kick him out. The other player left first and then I had to do the same... PlayCatan apparently has been thought much better and simple...

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