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    @Administrator said:

    @acokeparty You know that there was a Catan App before Catan Universe (now its called Catan Classic). Since I am with USM my playtime focusses mainly on these Apps.

    I do know. I bought it many years ago. The one thing I noticed right away when I first played? It takes 3-4 times longer than a game on PlayCatan with real people. Because every action you and the AI takes is so stretched out and takes way too long. The trading menu lacked back then too!

    And that reason right there:

    "Since I am with USM my playtime focusses mainly on these Apps."

    THIS is the crux of why your responses are the way they are, and the root of the obvious fact that you don't get what us players from PlayCatan are talking about. You never spent any significant time on PlayCatan! If you had, you would be in the same camp with the rest of us. What a shame.

    Bring back PlayCatan! Let us maintain it and pay for it. You just collect money.


  • We need a lobby so badly it's not even funny. I've been forced to play this rubbish since Play Catan shut down and I can't get one custom game started because there is no one I can get to join. This is why you need the lobby because it's absolute crap for new players. The dice is killing me in knights and base game and can't start a custom game in dice mode.
    Can someone tell these people that we need some changes made because none of us can get through to these guys.
    Makes sense though that these guys never ever tried Play Catan and only have ever done the app stuff because this game is so slow to play and some choices make no sense whatsoever.
    Another reason for the lobby is I can't rejoin a game if for some reason I get kicked out.... this is so frustrating.

  • Lobby == Community.

    You can clearly see that after PlayCatan closed, the forum became 10x more active. Before that, most of the activity was only bug reports and people trying to unlock Arrival to Catan. Everyone who came from PlayCatan know that it is better. And the lobby is what makes a good community. Community keeps the game relevant.

    Look at Catan Universe twitter, facebook etc... They are all pretty much dead.

  • @belz I second all that you said.
    Would much rather see who has opened a game and join the one I want.
    And that the only option is to play with an AI or abort instead of giving the player a chance to come back to the game is also nuts.
    I was kicked out since I could not make a move in the allotted time due to a game bug (I could still chat but after clicking the End Turn the button just remained on..... and then could not rejoin. Punished twice for nothung that is my fault.
    After all this time bugs like this should not happen.
    I have yet to play a a basic game where everything goes without a hitch for the entire game.
    Good grief!!!!

  • @Stroom Indeed. And I know they are sick of us complaining nd making suggestions. But we come from a much better game and expected this to me a good alternative.
    So disappointed in the shut-down and this being the replacement?????

  • This is site is horrible. What happened to catanonline?

  • @Boppy10 HI there. PlayCatan was dismantled the end of June, despite our pleas and protests. We are stuck with this "superior" version now.

  • @Prinz-der-Sterne @administrators @Developers - I still have the kicktimer going several times while playing Seafarers on Steam.... yet I am still actively playing, placing, rolling the dice. Still not quite fixed, me thinks.

  • @Fortuna yes there are still many many problems :confused:

    "When you don't know what you should do, look to the stars, they will always shine for you."


  • @acokeparty I agree! this one takes way too long! I'm getting really frustrated

  • @HILLARY said:

    @acokeparty I agree! this one takes way too long! I'm getting really frustrated

    Although I too want a lobby system, I don't think Catan Universe can ever do that. Catan Universe is expecting to become a much bigger game in the future, and a lobby system would be a mess after too many players.
    Looking at the bigger games like league of legends, overwatch, fornite, counterstrike, none of them have lobby systems. I know it worked well for PlayCatan (<3), but that doesn't mean it'll work here.

    I think they would've implemented it if they really thought it was the best course of action, but they don't and I actually agree.

  • League of Legends, Overwatch, Fornite, Counterstrike are quite different from Catan. Matchmaker might work for these games but not as much for Catan. I have posted about this before but let me repeat the main ideas again.

    LoL basically has 3-4 different matchmaker queues. FortniteBR has 3-4. Not sure about the other games but here probably are not more than 8 different customizations/queues you can choose from when you start the game.

    Catan, on the other hand, is quite different from that. Board gamers are much more strict on the way they want to play the game. If you enter a matchmaker wanting to play on a random map but the matchmaker always gives you the default map, you will be pissed off. And that seemed to happen quite frequently in the past. Not sure if it is till the case. Maybe players got used to it and don't complain anymore.

    If you customize the matchmaker search, you assume that you will not be put in some kind of special scenario you never selected etc. It would be quite a pain in the ass when you want a normal base game and are forced to spend the next 40 minutes playing Ore for Wool (which always has the same map setup currently!). Let's see how many customizations the game offers. Each one of those will mean a specialized queue is needed.

    Catan customizations:
    3 players, 4 players - 2
    Base game (Random map, default map or 2 scenarios), Seafarers (~5 different scenarios), C&K (Let's say 5 scenarios). Seafarers + C&K scenarios (let's say 5 more scenarios) - 4
    RNG dice or Card Stack (stupidly called Dice Mode in CU) - 2
    Friendly robber or normal starting rules. - 2

    Now let's add all these customizations together. How many matchmakers would you need? For simplicity let's not count the expansion or base game scenarios into this at first. Each row customization number has to be multiplied in to the other ones for this.
    2 * 4 * 2 * 2 = 32
    You need 32 different matchmakers running at the same time. And that is only the minimum requirement. We also have Rivals for Catan, upcoming expansions to the original Catan. Each additional expansion essentially doubles the number of matchmaker queues needed. There are definitely not enough concurrent players to make the matchmaker viable in this case.
    I didn't even add elo or karma into this calculation - that only makes the search slower. But it will also probably be noticeable.

    No matter how big your player base is, so many different queues is going to make finding a game really hard. Or it will place really bad and really good players together. I don't mean bad only in terms of skill but also those who frequently quit games and those who play till the end. Therefore, players are forced to play the default scenarios that everyone is playing because it is literally impossible to find random players to play with your customized setup.

    In case of a lobby, that would be really easy - set up the game and the game broadcasts it to all players.
    Also, it would be quite easy to handle a lobby - only show the games that the player can enter (you have to buy the expansion, have enough karma and elo etc). And the players could set up filters that only show them the games they are interested in. Not rocket science.

    Let's be reasonable here. Catan will never have a lot of players playing online. It is not going to grow a lot. What is going to grow is the amount of customizations. And at a much higher rate. That is, if the developers actually do what they promised and release additional expansions. The majority of players come, play for maybe a year and then get tired and move on. Especially under the current management. The game has proven to be a constant disappointment and there is no end in sight.

  • @Stroom explained it very well. But just to add, the main difference between Overwatch, Fortnite, etc (listed) vs Catan is that Catan is a board game. You have to compare it to things like Ticket to Ride, or Smallworld, Or Carcassonne or Dominion etc. I don't know about Smallworld or Dominion (or the etc) since I haven't played them in years but TtR and Carcassonne both have lobbies.

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