Discussion: Victory points

  • Discussion: Victory points should be played like other development cards.


    • knights have to be played to count.
    • less fluke wins


    • removes surprise factor
    • makes game longer

  • Knights already have to be played to get the largest army.

    Having to play VP cards is interesting... But the official rules are not like that and having more customization like this will completely ruin the already shaky matchmaker. But if there was a lobby to allow more customization... Why not.

  • @Stroom I'm just talking Catan in general.

    But thats my point. Resource cards should be played to be used.

  • An interesting idea, as it implies that a number of hands out from the win the player has to start "playing them", because you can only play one card a turn... but I'm not sure it will enhance game play.

    While you talk about fluke wins, right now a key part of the game for experienced players is to be analyzing what someone is doing/not doing with cards (and their position) to keep track of how they could win, so that you make tactical decisions on whether to make moves earlier or later in the game.

    If someone catches you off guard because they have hidden VPs, or take the road and largest army in one round, or port master if playing that scenario, that isn't a design flaw or a fluke - that is a player not properly reading the board and their opponents out playing them.

    This is a game of strategy, and anything you do in the rules of gameplay to force people to reveal themselves or impede a winning move ruins the opportunity to develop players into people who can read the board and possibilities well, and for advanced players to outplay less experienced players.

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