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    Hi Catanians,

    Welcome to the Catan Universe Technical Feedback forum! The primary function of this forum is to collect reports on any issues currently affecting the Early Access of Catan Universe. We strive to make this forum a highly valuable source of information for our developers, and to allow you to help us improve Catan Universe.

    We will be monitoring this forum on a regular basis; we will be looking for any new issues which will be added to our bug-tracking database subsequently. While you may not see posts created by staff members here on a regular basis, please know that your reports are read and appreciated. In the event that the amount of information you included in your report is not sufficient for our developers to reproduce your issue, you will see us ask for some additional information (such as your hardware configuration or at what time you encountered a specific issue)—so keep an eye out!

    Additionally, in case you find multiple bugs, it would be great if you could create a separate thread for each bug, or just add your findings to already existing threads on the same issue. While this may seem tedious, it will help us sort things out more easily.

    The official Catan Universe support will not ask you about your account details, such as your password, or your email address. Don’t give away any of this information!

    As always, community forums work best when all participants treat each other with due respect and courtesy.

    Thank you for helping us make Catan Universe better!

  • It is impossible to play! Downloaded the last update and still got all the bugs that should have been repared. A huge waste of time.

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