Deserter card never been fully fonctional

  • @administrators I have played on Catan Universe for more than 2 years, and I am a great fan of Cities & Knights.

    Unfortunately, since day 1, the card Deserter has never operated properly. According to the rules, if you steal an active knight from another player, you can perform an action immediately with it.
    But your software will consider that I JUST BUILT AND ACTIVATED A NEW KNIGHT, therefore I cannot perform an action on the same turn it is activated.
    In the late stage of the game, this can make the difference between victory or defeat, i.e. if you are capable of cutting the long road with this sniper shot and get the 2 points you are missing.

    Any reason why this has never been looked at ?

  • Just played a game where I used that card. Could not remove robber immediately as I placed it on an hex with robber.

    Had to wait next turn to remove it.

    @administrators why are you so silent ! Hello ??? somebody home ??? Or is this site ran by bots ???

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    had the same problem and sent it also in a topic. Hopefully in the next update it will be fixed

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