A player has gone missing do you wish to continue?

  • If I say No and leave the game do I lose ELO?

  • @Wootah as far as I know yes

    "When you don't know what you should do, look to the stars, they will always shine for you."


  • administrators

    @Wootah Not if you are the last remaining human player. The loss of ELO depends on how many players have left before. You will be basically ranked due to how many active players (humans) are still in the game.

  • @Administrator if a bot replaces someone can they please not make '10 trades' per turn?

    It's almost a test of patience and of course fat fingers can press the wrong button.

  • Or just start using the Bots to your advantage :-P [unless the bot cooperates to the advantage of your opponents more]

  • @Wootah
    There is a button, which says "I dont want to get trade-requests".
    If you push that one, all requests will automatically be rejected. That will spare your fingers. ;)

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