End Game Kick out

  • @administrators Please fix the game ending and kicking people out. Some people do like to look at the stats.

  • @administrators can you please comment here? Why is the game kicking everyone out at the end with no chance to see the stats.

  • On Windows, after the game is won, if you get the "all players have left the game [OK]" message that kicks you out after (if I got that wording right), you can hit escape I believe to close the message and look at the stats. Unfortunately after that, the only thing you can do is quit catan and restart if you want to play another game. [yes, it's a bug that hopefully they will fix]

  • @administrators why do we get kicked out after losing a game? Can you please answer? Why can't we see the stats after losing? Are we not worthy of such a treat?

  • administrators

    This issue does not occur in every [typo: edit by @administrators ] game and was/is related to an issue in our database we have been able to identify and fix. The fix for our users will roll out with the next update. Depending on the Apple and Google review times we are currently estimating the patch will go live in the first week of May.

  • This issue DOES occur in games and shouldn't be denied.

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