Múltiple crashes and freezes

  • The game tends to not continue going about 15 to 20 rounds. It would either give me the option to roll the dice and when click it dice never rolls once I waited 10 minutes with inactivity and nothing happened nor did opponents quit. When quitting the game it made me lose Elo. The game also freezes if I use the knight and roll a 7 back to back. Now it maybe a dice roll glitch but if I use a Knight and place the robber right away and roll the dice it will show 7 but never give me control of the robber and same scenario as on top. No AI appearing for inactivity timer not dropping just stuck with no game play and forced to lose Elo. I never quit a game no matter how bad I’m losing but these crashes are making me quit multiple games and my stats are getting affected by it.

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