Building costs for Seafarers

  • Re: Official building cost card for Seafarer expansion??

    Hello, I'm interested in this previous question to know the correct costs for constructions in Seafarers.

    For example, I was keeping my ore in order to improve a settlement in city. Then a player just used bricks (with grain) for that and I realized that cost 3 bricks and not 3 ores.
    Later, I had bricks and grains to do same on another city but then the game ask me ore needed. Is that a bug or a rule ? I searched for on the Internet but cannot find the real costs. Is it because my first settlement was circle by land whereas the second was next to the sea ? Is the shipyard cost ?

    Thanks for attention. Regards.

  • The cost card is correct. That player probably traded bricks and bought a city immediately afterwards so you didn't notice.

  • Thank you for attention and answer.
    I understand that the cost card in seafarer extension is correct and cities should cost 2 grains and 3 bricks.

    But in the game I described, I am sure that the system asked me bricks for the first city and ores for the second. Then all seafarer games I played, it was bricks on the cost card but the system asked everytime ores.
    So I understand that it is a system bug, does anybody encounter same ?


  • Wait what? Cities cost 2 wheat(grain) 3 ore(rocks) in all games. It should not cost bricks (clay).

  • administrators

    @Darkom We are aware that some cost cards do display clay (brick) that is incorrect. The rules are implemented correctly and the display error will be fixed with the upcoming update.

  • All right. Then I understand that the system works well and cities always should cost 2 wheat and 3 ores.
    The cost card laying on the board may be wrong but it will be updated.
    Thanks, regards.

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