Game stuck on Arrival on Catan (City & Knights scenario)

  • I'm currently on the City & Knights scenario after completing that tutorial. One of the AI players tried to play a Deserter card but then the game just sat there spinning on their turn and I couldn't find a way to make it continue. Exited the scenario and the game completely and came back in. The game just loaded back into that state.

    Is there a way I can restart this scenario? Or get it unstuck?

    This is on the OS X version (1.4.4-d692c8966)

  • administrators

    @HighlyKapowie Thanks for the info. The fastest way to resolve this issue for you is to restart the whole tutorial.

  • @Administrator, I tried just going to Cities & Knights -> Tutorial -> Chapter 1 and played through. When I went to the C&K scenario, it was still stuck.

    Or do I need to go back to the first first tutorial?

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