Kicked from the game without losing connection

  • I have had several games today and yesterday where a kick timer appears by my name when someone else loses connection and does not go away. I can continue to play and trade and everything and move the game forward, so I have not lost connection. However, once the kick timer hits 0 I am kicked from the game because I was "disconnected for too long". Except I was never disconnected at all?

    I have easily lost 21+ ELO score because of this! I think it is stupid that I am being penalized for the game being broken!! How am I expected to advance our score when half the time I lose points for bugs like this?

    I would like this to be rectified and to have my ELO score adjusted to make up for all the games I was kicked from since your game is not working correctly.

  • This just happened to me again... I am done playing and supporting this game if nothing gets fixed

  • @Administrator
    Any progress on this?

  • @Judge_Fudge a long outstanding bug, purportedly to being worked on and hopefully in the next release...

    A workaround is that as soon as the kicktimer comes up, if it does not going away in a few seconds, to immediately restart the game and it should prompt you to rejoin the game in progress. (or if you are using a browser, refresh the page, that restarts things as well)

    Note: sometimes when you rejoin, it doesn't prompt you to rejoin your game in progress, so try restarting again and then it often will prompt you to join your game (or tell you you've been disconnected too long and that you were kicked out)

  • @MonkeyZ the fact that we have to even do this is ridiculous... All I want is to play some Cat an and sadly this buggy mess and sorry excuse of an app is my only way.

  • @Judge_Fudge I don't disagree, was just trying to give you a work-around as I have seen more than "it's coming" (there was even an admin comment today-ish to that effect).

    There have been days where I just wanted a quick game, and 3 games in a row aborted for one reason or another a few rounds in... but then I can go for a while with it working well enough. Still frustrating.

  • this issue remains

  • happens everyday.....

  • Happens all the time. I have gained so many points, because supposedly everyone else quit - but they did not, they played quick and fast until they were kicked. I would give all my points if only I could finish a game... The kicktimer needs to be turned off until it works properly, it does more harm than good! :alarm_clock: :hammer:

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