PlayCatan end of service May 31st. 2018

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    Dear PlayCatan users,

    As announced during the Early Access phase of Catan Universe, we took over operating PlayCatan for a transitional period and for a limited time. This has been getting more difficult in recent times. Furthermore, the age of the technical basis of PlayCatan is becoming apparent as well, and both the compatibility with new browser versions and updates for integrated third-party tools are not ensured any longer.
    We gladly extended the run-time of PlayCatan repeatedly at the community’s request, and we bore the costs for it. We hope you enjoyed playing on both PlayCatan and Catan Universe during this time.

    This year, on consultation with some tournament organizers, we’ve increased the run-time of PlayCatan for the last time: PlayCatan will be available until May 31st, 2018. On this last day of May 2018 PlayCatan will be shut down for good. After 23:59 CEST on May 31st, 2018 logging into PlayCatan will no longer be possible.

    At this point, we’d like to thank all players who – via our forums – have been participating both since the Early Access phase and after the release, and who have been supporting us with helpful and constructive feedback on Catan Universe. Just like with PlayCatan, which, in the beginning, had included only a fraction of all the features it had after years of continuous improvements and development, we’ll continue to invest in improvements and new features of Catan Universe. After the recent publication of a Mac client for Catan Universe, we’ll now both further improve the platform and add the Catan card game to Catan Universe with the next updates. We’ve got many plans for this year and we’ll keep you updated on a regular basis.

  • I'm pretty sure a lot of players would rather pay you to keep the PlayCatan servers alive. Why not use it as extra income?

  • Das hat was.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Stroom @Administrator - many times in the past year players on the old Catan have indi=cated they would gladly pay again their monthly fee to keep playing the fun old version. This new thing takes minutes to load, lags and has nothing to do with what we all loved for many years.
    I just don't get this foolish move! Could you continue to old with its bugs and let us pay for it??????? Jeeeeesh!


    This is what Catan Universe is compared to PlayCatan. Unpleasant design.

    Just look at all the Extra Credits videos and you can see how Catan Universe is using all the negative aspects instead of trying to fix things for the benefit of the players.

  • If you didn't get it, Catan Universe is the bike rack.

    PlayCatan offers such a variety of games that would take Catan Universe team at least 5 years to catch up.

    PlayCatan offers:

    Rivals of Catan (A total of 12 customizations)
    Seafarers (11 + 5 scenarios)
    Seafarers + Cities & Knights (5 scenarios).
    Explorers & Pirates (5 scenarios)
    E & P with C & K (3 scenarios)
    Traders & Barbarians (3 scenarios)
    Cities & Knights (11 scenarios)
    "Team games" (33 different combinations of rule sets)
    Base game
    Struggle for Catan
    MultiCatan(5+ players, I assume)
    Cities & Knights (classic version, I assume)

    Other games in PlayCatan platform:
    Hoity toity
    Desert sons

    Catan Universe does not even offer 20% of all that. And they are trying to be "better than the previous version". Give me a break. Can't even get the base game of Catan implemented like it should be in real life. Why even go further if the trading and chatting system is as hidden as it is now. Offering all these functionalities would take them at least 5 years of development and even then the game would be filled with more bugs than an ant hill. Looking at what they did in the past 2 years... Maybe elevate it to 10 years. But in all that time, probably another company will have to take up the challenge and "do it right".

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Administrator Does this suggest we will we be seeing a new version of Catan Universe before this date?

  • @Stroom Here is the answer I received:
    as stated multiple times already this is won´t possible. I´ll give you the main reasons:

    The technical base of PlayCatan is old (for Software standards ancient). If there are any changes made to Java, the Browser architecture or something else, the program will simply stop working

    We are not the owners of PlayCatan we are only maintaining it in its current state. None of the PlayCatan users do have contracts with us. Therefore we can´t simply start up a billing process again or alter anything on the platform that goes beyond maintaining its accessibility at this point in time

    The EU decided upon a new Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that will come into effect late May 2018. This means we would have to restructure the way all user related data is handled on PlayCatan. This investment alone surpasses every estimation on how many players are in fact willing to pay for using the platform (Despite the fact I mentioned above that we do not own it or any rights to alter anything on the platform as it is right now).

    I hope this 3 points help you understand our decision as it stands right now.

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    @MonkeyZ We are currently working on a big update including a lot of fixes and enhancements. After that, we will add the first "box" of Catan Rivals.

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