ai give more resources than it have!!!

  • this is how it happens...
    in trade menu: i ask 2 Bricks, and Vincent offers them (for 1 Grain)
    i accept, and successfully exchange 2 Bricks from ai, who has only 1 resource! :D:D:D

    pictures here:

    1. asking 2 Bricks:
    2. after exchange:

    is that some kind of rookie level feature to be that generous? ;)

  • AI does not follow the game rules. This has been happening before. Seriously, the server and AI should be separated. Server must also check the validity of AI moves as well as players. Is there even server side validation or all on the client side? Is it possible for humans to hack the game too?

  • administrators

    @Dans777 Thank you very much for the documentation of this issue. Did you finish the game? Or do you by any chance still have the save-state of this game?

  • @Administrator u can do this in any single player game vs ai. if ai is willing to trade 2 resources for some more valuable resource, it will trade 2 resources even if it only have 1 ;)

  • @Administrator maybe just tell the ai programmers to add some check:
    if (resources actually have >= resources would like to give) {
    go for exchange

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