AI takes convoluted path to win / requiring trading

  • It's kind of strange / annoying, when in the game I just had, the AI could have just build a settlement on a port and won (it was a portmaster game). It had the resources to do so, like 17 or so. But it still insisted on trading for resources to take the longest road for the win. I mean, one build and win... or taking a few moments of trading (because AI trading is never quick or easy) to win in some convoluted manner.

    In fact, the AI often does this, doing all sorts of trades for some strategy that makes little sense (from the outside), when it could just build a key settlement or road.

    I guess there are multiple AI personalities!? Either way, it was surprising. But I was pleased that the AI seems to be better lately. A little more aggressive and robbing the leaders. I'm not sure if anything changed.

  • @MonkeyZ the AI charakters play all (nearly) the same, there are only very little differences and they are all playing VERY stupid.

    AI is one of the worst things on CU. :(

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