I can't use the victory point development card

  • Hi all. I've been in so many situations where I am playing a 10 VP game and when I have 9 points and the VP card, it still doesn't let me play it, even if I dont play any Development cards that turn. What gives?!?!?

  • @jacare594 the game should end automatically when you reached rhe necessary points to win; you don't have to play VP-cards.

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  • It happens to me too....WTF

  • This has happened to me several times when I should have won the game but didn't because there was no way to play my victory cards! Help!

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    @Lela-Lovenkraft You don´t play a VP card in Basegame. The VPs get automatically added to your overall VPs

  • @Administrator Ah!!! Thank you for your reply!!

  • @administrators this has happened to me as well. I was on 8 VP, picked up a victory point from the development cards. next turn I built a settlement, putting me on 10 VP, I still did not win the game, even though it said I had 10 VP on my player profile at the top, I still ended up winning, as the turn after I built a city and so I won on 11 VP. Seems to be a bug

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    @BIGED141 Have you played the harbourmaster scenario? That scenario has the same basic setup as the first island scenario but ends after 11 VPs. You can see the scenario you are playing on the loading screen and in the options menu.

  • Happens all the time to me i have never had victory cards counted to win. it is bs

  • @BIGED141 agree! they need to fix

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