All human players have left the game, the game will be closed down.

  • ummm... no I was just playing my turn so I haven't left.

    There were 2 human players left at that point (2 AI)

    I'm assuming this is something to do with the network/server issues which seem to have been much worse for the past week.

  • In my last game the player in third place posted in chat “thanks bitches” and then the game ended saying all human players had left the game. How was that player able to close down the game? Someone closed my game prior to that exactly the same way. This has to stop. It is unfair for players to invest their time in a game only to have the player in third place throw a fit and close the game down.

  • @Momma-Dailey

    Interesting. I had a few games where was a particularly frustrated player who was losing and the game died, I assumed it was just a co-incidence because there are a number of game locking bugs or network or server issues that regularly cause games to die...

    I wonder if someone has figured out a way to crash specific games? [I mean, I'm sure it's possible, just whether someone put the effort into it... which I really shouldn't question, people do put all sorts of effort into things.]

    @Administrator, have there been reports of people DDOS-ing games or otherwise killing them?

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