Level 20, still can’t change color of clothing option still locked.

  • @administrators @Developers
    I reached level 20 and still can’t change my clothing color of my avatar profile. All the colors are still locked.
    I am using an apple iOS device. (iPhone)
    Are you working on a fix for this???????
    Please let me know, several other players are experiencing the same.

  • administrators

    @freebirdca Yes we are working on a fix for that issue ;) This is very unfortunate for sure but we still have to find the cause for that issue since it only seems to affect very few players.

  • I also have this problem

  • @Administrator yes, I also have this problem. Level 20 but can’t change clothes colors

  • @Administrator Hi! Im also at lev. 20 but cant change colour. And also when I reached level 20, the XP count its not progressing..... XP just says 0/0, is that also a bug? Thankful for answear....

  • My game stopped unlocking avatar peices since level 10, I am level 16 now?!

  • NVM, got fixed after I bought Knight bundle from the shop.

    That being said, this is still wrong, I shouldn't have to buy a bundle to unblock basic avatar options.

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