How do I make a counter-trade offer?

  • I can't figure out how to make a counter-trade offer when another player proposes a trade? So far I'm just playing against the computer. Thanks!

  • Well, you can't really do it.

    The did create a "trade preferences screen", which allows you to say you'd trade one resource for another, say you'll trade brick for wheat, but then that just sits there until you change it. It's not a counter offer by any means. [especially since it's a pain to change quickly, you can't specify you want wood+wool for brick, or whatever]

    The other option is to just type in the chat what you want (which resources, you want more, etc.,) but this assumes people notice or speak the same language.

  • @Administrator please address this. How many more counter offer requests are needed until it is implemented?

  • What?! That's a major part of playing the game? I don't understand why you wouldn't include this? @administrators @Administrator is there a plan to add this?

  • @voukie the admins are constantly avoiding this topic, so I don't think so :(

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