Serious issue with the dice system

  • I realize that certain numbers will speed up the game, but there comes a point when it gets annoying to roll the same number 5 turns in a row. Is it mathematically possible? Yes. But to have this happen consistently over several games is extremely infuriating. I absolutely love the UI, the app has not been crashing as much for me, but please do something about the dice system. I am slowly starting to hate the game.

  • Agreed. Look at this nonsense:

    alt text More 4s than 8, 5, and 9 combined!

  • @maloufr this is exactly what i'm talking about! i can't play this game anymore. it's just too frustrating

  • It's always fun when you are on 5,6,8 and lose to the person on 10/11, lol. Heck, it was amusing a recent game where 2 rolled more than 6, 8, or 9. I know it isn't always the case, some games the dice work out, but it really hurts when you have good numbers and they take a long time to come up (essentially killing your game).

  • @MonkeyZ i definitely agree with you. they need a better random number generator lol

  • When you start a game, you can click on "dice mode" in the lower part on the left side, and that will supposedly randomize the dice more.

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