"Game cancelled" instead of it ending

  • Why is it that sometimes the game finishes normally, allowing you to see statistics and scores. While other times it says "game cancelled" upon someone getting the winning point? This doesn't allow us to view the statistics or even the final scores, which can be especially annoying if everyone is within a point or two of winning.


  • administrators

    @sltwtrcwgrl This is a bug we addressed in the version we are currently preparing for internal tests. The bug will be gone with the next update.

  • @Administrator Hi! The bug still exists..... when is the next update or should it have been fixed now? Please help.... happaned to me, "game cancelled" two times in a row now, in last game in Seafarer. Pls!!!

  • I have been playing the game for a couple of weeks now. Bought all the available games. However, the bugs are coming back so often. The game freezes, it says opponents are AI while they are still there. And after refreshing the game is just gone. Nothing, no information. When are you really going to fix this. I paid a lot for a game app.... wants it to work. Otherwise mention it in the store. So people are prepared.

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