Traders and Barbarians

  • Why isn't there Traders & Barbarians expansion in Catan Universe? And, will the expansion or any other expansions/scenarios (Explorers and Pirates, Frenemies, Helpers of Catan) ever be implemented into the game?

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    @luckydeigs We are planning to implement further expansions to the game. But at first, we focus on bringing the card game to Catan Universe. After that, we will add something very exciting ... stay tuned ;)

  • Any updated timelines to this and what they might be?

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    @Phiyscs regarding new content we are already packed for the year. You guys, unfortunately, have to be patient regarding this topic.

  • @Administrator Hello. I've just installed Catan Universe on my laptop. I was looking to combine 'Traders and Barbarians' and 'Cities and Knights'. Since this post is 2 years old, I wanted to see if there are any updates on this topic :).

    Thank you!

  • I have been playing Traders and Barbarians with my family for a while and the kids love love LOVE Fishermen of Catan. Sometimes only 2 of us can play so we use Catan Univers and we add an AI. They would like to have Fishermen of Catan for online play.

    Aesthetically I appreciate the way that Rivers of Catan looks. And for family games the cooperation required in the full Traders and Barbarians scenario builds cooperation.

    Would like to have Traders and Barbarians online. Thanks.

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