Did Not Transfer All My Expansions From Catan Classic

  • I just created my account in Catan Universe and tried to transfer my games from Catan Classic. I did everything correctly, but only the base game transferred over. I also own both Seafarers and Cities & Knights, but those expansions did not unlock. What must I do to get those expansions on Catan Universe?
    Thank you.

  • administrators

    @JoanieBaloney best contact us via support@catanuniverse.com and add the receipt from the App-Store (for the purchase of the Catan Classic expansions) in the mail. We will then unlock them for you in Catan Universe.

  • I didn't know about transferring expansions and the base game until a little bit ago. I just did it with my account, and it worked. Then I tried helping my friend transfer their stuff, and it only transferred the base game. I don't understand why it would have worked with me and not my friend. Why would that be?

  • Maybe it is because me and my friend shared one App Store account and I transferred the purchases first. Would that be the problem?

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