All players quit / you won / do you want to rejoin game / kicked out

  • Playing the base game, portmaster variant, and we literally just started, maybe the first couple rounds, and suddenly I get a message that all other players quit and I've won!

    That was a surprise, but OK whatever... I didn't want to play 30 minutes of 3-1 bots so I opted to end the game (no penalty, I'm the winner).

    But then it prompts me -- your game is in progress, do you want to rejoin. Well, the last time this happened it took me back to the bots game, so I wasn't going to do that so I said no. Well then it tells me "I was kicked out for being disconnected too long" or whatever error.

    So I check my ELO, out of curiosity, and I've dropped from 1177 to 1159 !? So first it credits me the win, then it changes it's mind and deducts for quitting.

    This is sooooo frustrating.

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