Disconnected from internet error

  • I have been playing Catan for years and years. I made the change and sweated out the transfer to Catan Universe. I love the game and all the great things about the site.
    I am; however, so tired of losing games and points because they claim "I was unconnected to the internet" for too long. This just isn't the case. My husband and I both work remotely. We have the strongest interenet available, when this message comes up we KNOW we are still connected because we are actively using it. Insult to injury, I not only lose a game I was winning, but I lose 8 points. This has to stop. There at least needs to be a way to address it.

  • Good luck with that. Most things are only fixed a year later. If even that. Longest road calculation was broken even in their previous Catan app and they really do not seem to have a clue how to fix it.

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