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  • Howdy,

    When I'm playing other humans and totally clobbering them, I don't mind at all if they resign and I finish out the game against the AI. If the game is clearly over for them, I don't want to waste their time--they should go start a new game somewhere. It would be annoying if the game had to end when someone leaves, but there is always the AI to finish against.

    Similarly, I'd like to be able to resign without losing karma. Maybe it's an entrenched part of the Catan Universe but thought I'd raise it. Thanks!

  • As a player, I would hate it if I start the game with humans and have to end it againt AI.

    And I always try to finish all games, even if I definitely can not lose. To me, leaving games is just rude. If you start a game, you commit your time to give all players a good time. With the current AI, no-one is having fun if it is in play.

  • I agree with the original post; I wouldn't mind at all if players who don't think they have a chance to win were allowed to leave the game.
    Not to mention possible real life urgencies that can happen; if you have to attend some problem at your house, there should just be an option to quit the game with no penalty.
    I think penalties could be applied if the player leaves more than a certain number of games within a week/month. Like: if you leave 2 games within 7 days, no penalty is applied. But if you leave 3 or more games, you get penalised.

  • Leaving games is frustrating to all other players. Allowing that is just encouraging bad sportsmanship. And it completely ruins the game for other players because AI is just so stupid that it ruins the game experience to you even if you win.

    Very often players would quit in the first 2-3 rounds when someone cuts them off from one of the possible locations they were going to go. Quitting games early is the most frustrating thing ever. I would say that the quitters do that so much more rather than quitting the end. Losing one location is not the end of the world.

    I have seen SO MANY comebacks in hundreds of PlayCatan games. Even if you fall behind in the early game, the other players would start blocking the leader(s) at some point. And it gets so bad for them that catching up becomes really easy.

    Catan Universe is doing EVERYTHING wrong and they do not acknowledge it nor do they do anything to make the gaming experience fun for the players. Currently there is no real drawback to quitting games. Karma and ELO scores are meaningless because the matchmaker will still include you in a game. And all new players start at max karma so no matter how well you behave, a new player can easily ruin your game. And this has not been changed for months now.

    I guess resigning would work only if all losing players agree to give the victory to the leader... But then there should be no Elo in the games... Because to be honest ELO IS USELESS IN CATAN!

  • I didn't think they did start at max kharma, you have to play a bunch of games to build up the stars. That said, after you've played enough, quitting here or there has little effect.

    And +1 for the frustration, mainly because the AI makes bad trades, robs weaker players, and neglects key moves... usually resulting in the leader securing their win, even if you were competitive, you aren't once AI joins and it ruins your game. (Especially if you successfully game the AI for your advantage... like it's obsessive/irrational trading)

    I'd like to believe the AI was intended to add liquidity with trading and a bit of balance, but no.

    My favourite for quitters who should be heavily punished are those who grab significant resources then quit almost in the second round.

  • You do start with max karma. You lose it when you quit games and THEN it will take many games to catch up with the others.

  • Only if it was an all agree deal. You dont want individuals resigning.

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