Game keeps getting stuck, with everyone thinking it is someone else's turn

  • This is a very frequent problem, and most the times when it occurs, everyone says "oh, this again...".

    When people have reported this previously, the admins have been asking for the precise time the game was played; can we just keep adding posts to this one? Or do you want a new thread for each time?

    I always use web client but it affects web and app users. It's been going on frequently for the entire time I've been playing this game (over a year) online. It affects about one game in four. Over this time, I've connected for several months using a desktop computer from UK on wired broadband, I'm currently using laptop in Australia over WiFi, and I've spent the last few months on desktop on Wifi. Connection method doesn't matter, this is a long-term issue with this game and it makes it very difficult to play, especially when it happens two- or three- games in a row.

    Anyway, latest occurence: 1st of March 2018 at 0900 GMT. 4-player game. During placement, one player was saying "I've placed" but no-one could see that he had done his turn. We all waited 15 mins, and over the next 15 mins we all tried restarting one at a time. Eventually two players left and were replaced with AI. Then, I tried restarting again. It then showed all 4 (human) players, said 2 players had connection issues, didn't say anyone was AI, and, nothing happened for several more minutes, before I gave up.

  • @Vexen I played one or two normal games afterwards, then the next one had similar problems.

    Latest occurrence: 1st of March 2018 at 1100 GMT. 3-player game. One of the other players was on the 2nd placement, and placed a settlement, but never placed a road. A kick-timer popped up for them, but, it disappeared a few seconds before they should have been kicked. Then me and the other player chatted a bit, and waited about 10 minutes. Then the other player left. I waited a minute, talked to myself for another minute, and tried restarting. When it reloaded, it asked me "Do you want to rejoin your current game?". I clicked "Yes", and then it immediately said "You've been kicked". So many problems with this chain of events.

  • This happens all the time and its incredibly frustrating. It baffles me how they havent fixed it yet.

  • Happens to me too. All I can do is exit the game and then come back in.

  • @Mr-Limpet said:

    Happens to me too. All I can do is exit the game and then come back in.

    I had the restart the Windows/Steam version 3 times for it even to prompt me to let me back into the same game, then once in it was hung up on a different bug, and the kicktimer reset to 120 (weird) and so I restarted a bunch more times and it never let me back in again (nor did it tell me I was kicked out)

    And I was in a winning position, game works fine when I'm losing, lol

  • This is a huge problem that happens to me all of the time. This in my opinion is the biggest problem with the game. I know this is an old post, but the problem still persists. I would at least like an acknowledgment from the administrators that this problem does exist; I could provide evidence of the issue if needed. The problem appears to occur more frequently when players in the game are replaced by AI after leaving.

  • Happened today, 8/8/18 at about 8:15. One player was kicked for lack of connection even though I was chatting with them.

  • Happening right now, two games in a row. So tired of losing elo when the game thinks it is me that isn't taking my turn

  • @Vexen the old "who´s turn is it " bug has been with us for years now. I have given up hope about this ever beeing fixed:weary: .....

  • Happened to me 24.02.2020 twice in a row.
    Also, restarted the game and when came in again the map was different!!

  • @filiperibsantos has happened multiple times in last two days to me. Hard to believe the problem has been around so long and hasn’t been fixed!

  • Same bug 2 years later not fixed

  • This problem is getting so old. Latest update for sure made it worse, impossible to gain ELO. You win a game and then get kicked or hung in the next two.


  • This bug is horrible. Have had to quit ~8 games over the past day because of it.
    Lost close to 100 elo and 2 karma stars because I have to quit out. There's no other option.

    Fix it and give us our karma and elo back. I don't want to play with non-4 or 5 star players.

  • Lost 100+ ELO because of this. Fix this game or give me my money back.

  • Seriously? This was written 2 years ago???
    And it still not fixed ...?

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