Human Player in my game has not rolled dice in over 15 minutes.

  • Re: In Game - SupportI was in a game with two Human players. One players internet connection was lost and they were kicked out. The last player, doesn't have a name - notthing displays for user name. The dice have been stuck on them and the player has not rolled the dice in over 15 minutes. They should have been kicked out. I have to leave and don't want to be penalized.

  • This is a big problem that seems to only be getting worse. It's ruining the experience of the game. I've noticed it with other players, and then finally it happened to me and happens almost every game now. The other players think I'm taking too long, so I finally force quit the game (iOS and Steam versions) and relaunch it to rejoin the game in progress. Most of the time I only had to do it once, but just now it was me and another player and we both got kicked due to "disconnected from the internet for too long," which clearly is not the issue, so I'm guessing it's some sort of issue connecting with the server, presumably on the server side. It's ruining the game. So much of it is spent trying to sort out who is having the problem and explaining in chat how to do the work around. Very disruptive. Please address.

  • Just experienced a similar situation. Ultimately me and the other player had to quit as no kicktimer triggered for more than 15 mins. I saw a similar topic on Steam community as well - it seems to be a common bug.