Any plans to offer free single-player trials in the near future?

  • Good day,

    Brand new to Catan; love the board game, but the online opportunity seems a bit .... rough. In the context of wanting to learn how to play better, I see that the developers offer a way to use scrolls to play single-player for a limited time. A very limited time. Are there any plans to have an extended tutorial (much more robust than the basic tutorial) that allows one to better explore Catan Universe? Note I do NOT want free pvp matches - I want to learn how to play versus the computer first, and then graduate to other players.

    Thanks in advance for your attention,

  • administrators

    @sacrophyte Special events like that are not planned in the near future. But if you use a scroll to unlock an expansion the singleplayer mode will be unlocked, too. Using one scroll gives you access for 24 hours for that expansion.