Game error, ELO issue, freezing mid game

  • I have been trying to play a game for the last couple of hours with no luck. I get in a game with 2 other people but then the screen wont show others and it hangs/lags for such a long time. I reboot, a message asks me if I want to rejoin the current game, I click rejoin. I get in the game and the game stops/freezes. Happened like 4 times or so. My ELO was 1192 and then at the last game (which I was not able to even start the game because the screen was blank), it shows my ELO was 1183. Please help and let me know what the bug is as there is a script error message popping up on my screen and its a long code. How do I restore my ELO?! Please check this out. My username is: CathJade5

    Thank you!

    Kind regards,

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