AI Player Stuck Thinking

  • I've encountered bugs like not being able to place the robber that are solved by quitting out of a single player game and re-opening it, but this one seems to be a game ender.

    Basically, an AI player will make a few moves and then will get stuck "thinking" with the loading icon spinning forever in the lower right corner. Waiting, quitting and re-opening, and going to the various other menu screens all don't solve. All I can do is start a new one and hope it doesn't happen again.

    It's only happened 3 or so tImes, but it's definitely a bummer.

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    @TheMorningLine1 Do you recall any specific action taken by the AI before it got stuck?

  • No, sadly. I'll try to note exactly what happens prior if it happens again though.

  • Did you noticed if there were trading icons? I've noticed the AI appears stuck when either another player has not or is not responding to trades, or for some reason they didn't see the trade (ie, that other player needs to restart their client).

  • Hi'

    AI is Always stucked After he plays blue card ' transfuge ' , removing a knight at the end of your road ...
    Hope you will solve this.

    Have a day.


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    @Rastignac-Gunjack Thanks for the feedback. We will look into it.

  • Great AP ... Hope it will become perfect ... Thanks ...

  • Hi,

    I just got the same probleme and it's not seems to be fix after 2 years !!!!!

  • I got the same bug, In my case, the AI replaced a user that quit the game. the AI played after a user turn and the turn ended and nothing happened. the game stopped until 15min later it ended all of a sudden.

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