NTRR7 and NTRR... NO TRADE & REVERSE ROBBER on 7 or REVERSE ROBBER options on base game

  • Back in 2001 to 2003 i use to play in ladder game catan. there we had some options of NO TRADE (NT) between players. this helped the need to approach a port and made games faster and more fair. made strategy more important than dice itself. I use to play with players like couples in here and the trades was more than provocative. then it was the REVERSE ROBBER (RR) and the REVERSE ROBBER ON 7 (RR7), this was about robber. in most games i've played here there is some kind of misunderstandings about the player who has the best advantage to win. there are players who has 2 points in base games and they only pick cards and none can rob them in friendly robber and he can get up to 8 points in 3 rounds. also then they use the knights to place the robber in the best place on the winning person making him stuck there and that makes an easy win for the card player. also those misunderstandings is not allowing 4 player games to start for avoiding those problems. I believe those rules are basic for the base game at least.

    In No Trade, players can never trade with each other.

    Reverse Robber, robber stays to the dessert for all game and knights are only used to get the 2 points of largest knights.

    Reverse Robber 7, robber is staying to the dessert unless there is a knight. when knight plays the robber moves normally to the brick the player wants and rob the player they want. Then if a 7 rolls the robber moves back to the dessert and no steal is allowed.

    I really hope those rules are made to make at least base game more fair and strategy to be #1 instead of luck and dice or sneaky playing.

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