We are sorry, but your connection to the PlayCatan server could not be established or was lost.

  • there are about 2 days having this problem.
    it seems that there is a server relocation progress going on but the date it says is old.
    So whats going on ? is it only me? or the catan will be offline for some time?

  • I've been playing from my broser and when i click enter playcatan now it gives back a undefined user and i see nothing.
    When clicking : Play online with other people it brings this message.

    We are sorry, but your connection to the PlayCatan server could not be established or was lost.

    This may have two reasons:

    If you have experienced a short failure of your Internet connection, please reload the website immediately and re-login again. If you were in a running game before, you can continue it, if you re-login within the next 2 minutes.
    If a re-login is not possible, but your Internet is working normally, the PlayCatan server is maybe down and not available at the moment. In that case please try again a little later.

    Please note, that the server will be restarted once a day at 10am CET and therefor is not available at that time for around 5 minutes. Please wait a little time and login again. Running games will be saved in this case and can be continued shortly after.

  • So am i doing something wrong here or is there a problem with a server?

  • administrators

    @Apostolis369 Thanks for reporting on that issue. We will investigate.

  • it was ok for 2 or 3 days then its doing the same thing again ... whats the problem there?

  • administrators

    @Apostolis369 We are investigating the recurring issues for some players at the moment.

  • another 5 days past and still nothing ... :(

  • This is a big problem that seems to only be getting worse. It's ruining the experience of the game. I've noticed it with other players, and then finally it happened to me and happens almost every game now. The other players think I'm taking too long, so I finally force quit the game (iOS and Steam versions) and relaunch it to rejoin the game in progress. Most of the time I only had to do it once, but just now it was me and another player and we both got kicked due to "disconnected from the internet for too long," which clearly is not the issue, so I'm guessing it's some sort of issue connecting with the server, presumably on the server side. It's ruining the game. So much of it is spent trying to sort out who is having the problem and explaining in chat how to do the work around. Very disruptive. Please address.

  • 15 days and problem is not fixed yet ... so bad ...

  • Hola!
    Yo también estoy teniendo este problema desde el jueves pasado. ¿Puedo hacer alguna cosa?. Una solución por favor

  • 3 months later ... i played 3 games in total ... 1 yesterday and 2 games today...
    after the update again the same problem

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