Unable to upgrade settlement in C&K Greater Catan

  • Re: Unable to upgrade coastal settlement

    I just lost a game because the game would not allow me to select a 5th settlement to upgrade to a city in 3 player Greater Catan. There were still two cities available on my table top and I had two settlements,each on a single hex island that should have been available to upgrade. Please fix the bugs in this game. I lose so often due to bugs... The most frustrating is when I'm trying to deal with a bug,the game timed me out and sometimes boots me. It's just salt in the wound. You guys can do better.I

    I have a screenshot of the board and table if that helps narrow down a specific bug scenario.

  • You absolutely CAN NOT trust the graphics when you count the number of cities and settlements left on the side of the table. It's almost never drawn properly.... You MUST count the number of cities and settlements ON THE ACTUAL BOARD.

    Ignoring what you see (extra game pieces) on the SIDE of the table, the game works correctly, understanding that you're allowed a maximum of 4 cities and 5 settlements, notwithstanding the still-unfixed bug I reported over a month ago: https://forum.catanuniverse.com/topic/3705/medicine-card-bug-allows-player-to-build-5-cities-and-5-settlements-see-screen-photo/2

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