It won't let me buy gold

  • I've been trying to buy gold for the base game but it the pop up screen gives me no option even after I log in. I messaged Support at Paymentwall, but no reply yet.

    Has anyone had this problem? Is there any other way around this?

  • administrators

    @Fizztor You can also reach out to us via and we will take a look at it. If you have a smartphone or tablet you can also download the App via the stores' login with your account and purchase there. The expansions will be available on all your devices as long as you log in with your account.

  • Hey! I've been speaking to Support but no luck.

    I've tried from multiple browsers, internet connections, laptops, phones and Apple IDs but no go.
    iTunes says that it can not process the transaction at this time.

    I am from Pakistan. Is a payment option not available from here? We have Visa / Mastercards too!

  • administrators

    @Fizztor Thanks for the additional info. We received a notification from our support team on that issue and will checked in with our payment provider if there is some kind of region lock regarding your country.

    Unfortunately, PaymentWall doesn't support payments from Pakistan. In order to buy on iTunes from Pakistan, you will have to certify your credit cards with your bank as far as I know.

  • Hey, I found a way around it.
    Thanks so much for your support :)

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