Rules governing AI playing style

  • Re: Prevent AI from trading with players who are close to winning and robbing players who are way behind in points.

    The criteria that the AI uses for play are not realistic. It robs players very far behind while ignoring players on the verge of gaining metropolises, and final winning points. No human player would behave so. When there is one player significantly ahead and particularly when they are almost at final victory, no human would trade with them, and all human players would attack them ahead of almost all other considerations.

    Similarly, when two players have the same points, a human would judge advantage based on whether one has a city and another hasn't. whether one has aquaduct and one hasn't, whether one has multiple expansions and another hasn't.

    Somebody needs to reprogram the decision tree guiding the AI players to more truly reflect human styles of play.

  • Honestly, I think the game should be cancelled in case a player leaves it. The AI makes all sort of unfair decision. There is nothing to program behind the AI.

  • Or card collecting without actually using them tactically,
    or card collecting when it should build.
    or generous trades with other AI (usually to get a card) or with the leader
    but you want to trade with it, giving it resources it needs for what you need, and it refuses.
    or not doing a blocking move that would give another player significant increase in control of the board
    being more focused on human players than AI

    it's almost like they have programmed it to not be too aggressive, which ends up meaning it'll rob a weak player to death, but then leave a critical move for another human player to take (because that would be too aggressive)

    And honestly, I don't expect any change because despite all the complaining, the Administrator keeps insisting that there's nothing wrong with the AI, and it's all cool for it to "rob you for a resource it wants" when messing up the game's balance.

    Oh, and I don't really like to trade with the AI because almost guaranteed it's going to use a knight it's collected to take it back (which is a reasonable tactic, if it was actively using knights for other purposes, but it seems to only use them to make the game unbalanced.)

    It's almost like the AI is cool with getting ahead by squashing the little players, but often doesn't really want the win. I'd rather it just be 100% aggressive and be fair in it's play by robbing/blocking leaders (or those who will in the near future take that spot).

  • Oh look... AI1 has 9 points, AI2 removes robber from AI1 just to rob the lowest ranked player (and does nothing with all it's resources), AI1 wins. Nothing wrong with the AI logic at ALL.

  • Pointless commentary, but favourites as of late

    1. AI grabs a bunch of wheat, but then ignores the wheat port right beside it !?

    2. AI's irrational/obsessive trading can be gamed to give players a significant advantage if they are fortunate to have what the AI is looking for (I mean, it does add liquidity when a player grabbed all the ore and then promptly quit in round 2, but not all players can benefit from that)

    3. AI robbing weaker players, preventing them from making key moves, and basically handing the game to a stronger player which they ignore.

    4. AI should build out road to regain longest road and keep lead player from winning (giving everyone a chance) but nope... it trades key road resources to buy cards it'll never use (also depriving players of those cards).

    OK, this is getting pointless and redundant.

    Since AI winning doesn't impact ELO, it should be more aggressive and actually try to win, because then the trading/robbing might be a bit more strategic (rob high/trade low) and moves make sense.

  • If AI wants to trade a resource with you (on your turn), you can increase the amount of cards and see how much AI is willing to give for your 1 resource. If you remember what cards the AI got, it can be pretty easy to do.

  • @Stroom said:

    If AI wants to trade a resource with you (on your turn), you can increase the amount of cards and see how much AI is willing to give for your 1 resource. If you remember what cards the AI got, it can be pretty easy to do.

    On it's turn it will keep offering more and more and more, so if you are patient and no one else is trading you can get big gains... in the first couple of rounds it traded me 3 ore for 1 wood, it made no sense and gave me a city (much to the anger of everyone) but did nothing with the wood... of course it cuts both ways and has hurt me too, lol.

  • Why is nothing being done about the jacked up AI programming. It was never this way in PlayCatan. The AI made moves more like a human player would! Today, I had 6 points AI1 had 8 points AI2 had 12 points; AI1 rolls a seven and puts the robber on a tile with me and AI2....THEN takes a card from ME?!?!?! WTF??!?!?! I have fewer/less of EVERYTHING!! So, on the very next turn, AI2 wins the game. THIS MAKES NO SENSE!!!! Both of the AIs are at Master level. CRAZY MAKING~!~! Why, when PlayCatan AI was so good, did they mess it up AND more importantly, WHY haven't they fixed it/or at least made it closer to the PlayCatan logic tree????

  • PlayCatan did not have AI. Maybe you are mixing things up?

    Either way, AI sucks and will never be good as long as this company is running things.

  • @Stroom Perhaps i am not using the correct terminology...but I played against the computer, exclusively during my many years on the PlayCatan website.

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