Problem with purchasing gold in steam

  • Hi, I have a problem with buying gold, when I am playing from steam.
    When I click to buy 900 gold (or 400, or 1700) spinner has started to rotate and that's all.
    But when I had tried to purchase 100 or 3000 gold, the game successfully redirected me to steam paying window.
    Please, help me with this problem. I want to spend money, that I already have in steam on your game :)

  • administrators

    @craHUNzyTER Best contact us via regarding issues with the payment since it is possible that we need personal info from you to resolve the issue. Thanks!

  • The same problem on both - my laptop and PC.
    I can easily buy 900 gold on iOS, game redirects me successfully to confirm the purchase.

    My friend has the same problem (in steam), so I think you should try by yourself to buy 900 gold in steam.

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