Losing because 'all other human players have left'

  • I am fairly new still, so maybe there is something I don't understand but I had now a few times the situation that in the middle of the game it said: all other human players have left the game and you've lost. The first one or two times I thought maybe I missed that someone won but you would be able to look at the statistics, no? And it should say so... Now if it ends because all other human players leave shouldn't I be the winner as the one staying??? This really bugs me and makes me not want to play again as long as this happens.
    Thank you!

  • I reported this over in technical: https://forum.catanuniverse.com/topic/3643/cannot-view-game-stats-if-you-lose-game-has-been-canceled

    If it is chasing away new players maybe the developers will prioritize it more. The problem seems to be being in the middle. I think the other player is winning, but I would like to verify, maybe it has a problem showing victory points idk.


    It is important to analyze the game stats to understand and improve personal game play and helps with not "feeling cheated" when you can see how it all progressed.

  • @alchemix Thanks for your message! I still believe it was not another player winning, at least not in all cases. Was looked into it? I am really hesitating to play again, it has frustrated me deeply, and playing should be fun, right? ;-) Silvia

  • I started playing Catan last week. Played my first auto matches today. After one server issue, the next three have all given me the “Game over. All humans have left the game.” There is no option to review the board or stats, or even confirm who won. This is extremely frustrating as a new player who loves the board game. I do not have this problem when playing custom matches with friends, either. Just The auto match.

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