Error Code 304 In Custom Games

  • Hello,

    I have been having issues when starting a custom game. When I invite my friend to play the screen (both in Google Chrome and on Iphone) says, "Error Code: 304" and I am not permitted to invite him.

    Please fix

  • Me 2.. What is the probleem?

  • Same here with 2 friends ... unable to play

  • @Yrandilll @Desmond4 @thomas123
    during the server-time-out this afternoon, they changed some things to prepare the server for an upcoming update. After that update, they say, many bugs and connection issues will be fixed.
    But also from now on, you just can play against people, who use the same client/appversion as you.
    If you dont use the same version as your opponent, the error 304 will appear.
    So it is in your case...
    So, if everyone is completely up to date with the versions, the error 304 should not appear anymore and you can play your custom-matches, as you got used to it.

    Hope, that can help...

  • Hi y'all,
    Same problem for me but I get error 304 on the web-based version, so there shouldn't be any version incompatibility here. Anyone got through this?
    Thanks !

  • Please all try to relog when experiencing the 304 error. All players that want to join a custom match must have been relogged once before it works properly.

  • @Administrator Same error, web version, we've all re-logged in/out over and over.

  • I am trying to start a custom game with 2 friends - only I am getting the 304 error trying to add them or they adding me to game. We have tried through both the desktop application and web broswer. I also even tried a new account to sort problem. We have all logged in/logged out

  • My friends and I solved this issue by all being on the same version of Catan. We all used our computers to get on google chrome and we all logged on to Have everyone sign in to their accounts and it should work. It worked for us.

  • Hi I have now also had us login to google chrome, different friend, same error. The thing is, one of the friends who was on chrome could be added by somebody on their steam desktop app. It almost seems to be a problem around my account - although tried logging with 3 different ones. Tried running from .com rather than .de but keep getting kicked, or 'can't reach server'. Is there any admin support for this? Would really like to play with friends.

  • @ascottishpenguin Just adding that now playing through the tutorial/quest part to ensure this isn't problem either

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