How to complain about Catan Universe?

  • Hello lovely players of Catan, I'm wondering if anyone knows how to go about complaining about an online game, which isn't living up to its promises of purchase.

    Many people comment and complain on the forums, but that seems to get little action and even less results.

    I like this game. I feel it's a great one to play and can be silly and annoying, like all games, but I do not feel it's right to let the players/customers get so ripped off by this low quality app which people buy. I spent money on this, but there's connection issues, kicktimer issues, bugs, errors, it's not a good enough product to be selling it at the price it is being sold. It's going to create a bitter and sad community.

    While writing this I've won two games because two players have been kicked from both games. What on earth is going on?

    Please help me with websites and information on how to complain about the company that made this game. (not the board game, the online app in all its failings)

    All the best.

  • administrators

    @MorganinJapan You have seen a server maintenance today and you will see an update for the App and client in the near future which is focused on the network stability. We reworked lots of underlying mechanisms the standard user won't even notice once deployed but we are confident that this update will increase the stability immensely.

    Working on the net code never is easy and creating one even more so. What we saw with the mobile release was an immense increase in our daily user base. Non-optimized scripts and communications do affect the servers stability and performance even more if the user base "explodes" like that.

    Unfortunately, sometimes you only see whats not optimized yet when you have a very large number of users. But as said above: You can expect an update in the near future and today we laied the groundwork for that in our server maintenance.

  • @Administrator The question was where can we complain about the whole experience, and not here on the forum because our voices are clearly not heard were it makes a difference.
    You just had your update, started a game and a player was stuck and not kicked out. After about 20 minutes here comes the server error, and after that the message ... this game has ended. After all that guess what? - 4 ELO points for me. And that is just because the 3rd player quit at some point, otherwise it would of been probably - 10 ELO points, not to mention Karma.

  • Again, admin is trying to placate. This version of the game is crap, everyone knows that. I just played a game in which two 7s were rolled the entire game and one of the players consistently held between 15 and 20 cards without having to discard. When she finally won, the statistics screen does not appear. Instead I get the message that the game has ended because all other human players have left, so I don't get to see the truly despicable dice rolling. The only thing random about the dice in this game is how angry they will make me!

  • @Administrator

    We all understand that you guys work very hard and we are thankful for that, but lately based on the amount of errors that occured all I can say: sorry, but ITS NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

    If you have too many users that you can not handle currently, limit the number of users for the time being especially to the ones that paid for tha game. You have to go for quality over quantity!!

    The most annoying thing I can point out: often the game randomly kicks you out, while having everything necessary for the game, a stable wifi connection and a device. Its very frustrating to be completely lost in game for 30 minutes, almost winning and then BOOM, 'you were kicked out of the game' I would say it happens to me at least with 1 or 2 out of 10 games.

    If you continue like this, you will start losing customers, so stop avoiding the problem and answering straight to our questions, please.

  • administrators

    @iPoly We just released an update for the multiplayer part of the game ;)

  • @Administrator and now when I launch the app on Pixel XL, I get a black screen, can't play or anything. I'll spare the sarcasm here and just patiently await news of an update.

  • Not sure what the game was like before ... but I downloaded it 2 days ago and have played about 12 games so far. No problems or disconnect issues and I've recommended it to about 7 friends that are all playing it and loving it. So perhaps it is your connection if there are still issues?

  • @Administrator Today I was kicked out of several games which I was winning because of server problems and lost 20-30 elo... how can I complain and will I get them back?

  • @sabdany you can email as an option, and no, you won't get your ELO back.

  • Man I was excited to get my friend playing this game with me and we had fun for a few games but tonight it was brown screens with no game starting. I couldn't even play him, you probably would have have another purchase . Then the rest of the night I have been unable to even play 30 secs of a match, switches to me, and kicks me out of the game faster than the turn timer is supposed to be and says I had no net connection. My motel net is so crap and this is the only game I can even play. Keep auto losing so lame.