Didn't get my Achievement - colonize all islands in the seafarer scenario "the four islands"

  • I just completed a game of Seafarers where I had settled on every island on the Four islands map, but I didn't get the achievement: "colonize all islands in the seafarer scenario "the four islands"

    I'm not sure how to post a screenshot here...

    @Administrator can you help me?

  • administrators

    @doublea please upload the screenshot to a file hoster of your choice and share the link here in the forum.

  • administrators

    @doublea The achievement has been added to your account.

  • Both my husband (The Best Rhett) and I had the same situation. We both separately built a settlement on each of the four islands, but did not receive the achievement. We figured we understood it incorrectly and tried upgrading them to Cities, but kept winning the game before all four could get upgraded. And neither of us have screenshots. Can you please assist?

  • Hi! I have the same problem. Settled all four islands, even won the game, but I didn't get the achievement. This is, I think, the THIRD time I managed to settle all four islands and still I didn't get the achievement. I didn't realize I would need a screenshot to prove it, so I don't have one.
    Please help!

  • As recently as today, this issue persists.

    Even after Admin "added it to [my] account in the backend", the achievement does not visibly appear activated on it's list.

    Oddly, the notification popped up when it was credited, but I checked, and it remains grayed-out. I tried another browser and also cleared the original browser's cache—issue remains.

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