• @administrators, it has been few days now that the kicktimer started counting down the seconds, suddenly, without any reasons. The match ends and players loose their ELO. I have lost over 60 points because of this and that is unacceptable since I have paid for the service.
    Either you fix it as soon as possible or you give me back the money.

  • The design team is not doing anything to fix it. I've had the same problem happening for a few weeks now and it still hasn't been addressed.

  • I have the same issue of the kicktimer starting for no reason in the middle of the game. Lost lots of elo and karma went from 5 to 3 stars. Very frustrating when it happens just when you are about to win a game. Seems to happen about 70% of games in the last few days.

  • @kbsmith14 Did you talk to somebody directly about the problem, and did they respond to you?

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