every time i log in it says can not reach server

  • whether on desktop version or on browser it still says can no reach server. internet is working fine otherwise

  • happened to me too..what is going on? i have internet connection

  • Yeah their servers must be down. It was working earlier this evening and has been generally reliable the last few days since I joined

  • The same here. And it’s saying i gotta login, i’ve never had to login. I even tried redownloading the app, still no luck.

  • Still the same problem. Resolved for anyone?

  • Nope, still cannot reach servers

  • Same here! That's unaccepatble for a service for a fee.

  • Hey @administrators WTH? the Classic Catan works just fine. This interface is much easier to play on an app which is why I prefer it. But having no server for hours is really really unacceptable.

  • @administrators it is the third time in a row that I start a game and suddenly - during the very first stage of placing the initial settlements - the game is unexpectedly cancelled. I have lost already 20 ELO points! Could you fix the problem and give me back my ELO???

  • Same issue. first game after serverbreakdown. 2 points from winning against better elo players. says: you have been kicked out of game"
    no connection issues the whole time :/
    I think they should give some elopoints back to all. cause this surely happend to all of us before

  • I have lost 40 ELO points plus a star! That's really unfair. They should not only fix the game but give us back the points

  • We have applied the first fixes and monitor the situation closely. Thank you all for your patience.

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