AI Ridiculousness

  • Me: 3 points in a 10 point game.
    3 AIs at 3/4/6 points.
    All 3 at Veteran skill level.
    6 pointer has longest road.
    3 robbers rolled in a row by AIs.
    All 3 steal my resources.

    Yeah. That makes sense.

    This happens all the time. Basically when you play vs AI it is you vs them as a team.

  • @Rook888 every AI player only looks at his own advantage. So if you are for example the only player who has got wood and the AI needs one, they will try to steal one from you.

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  • Everyone knows it is not to your advantage to let the leader get even further. The AI is quite stupid in that regard.

    Even if it sees another player having 8 points and 4 unused development cards, it would still sometimes steal from someone who has 6 points and no development cards. Or even worse, trade with the leader if no-one else is willing to trade.

    Also the AI has no foresight when someone would be trying to steal its' longest road or largest army. Even if it has the means to immediately strengthen the position.

    Also trying to do the best for you "at that moment" is sometimes not best for the whole game. In that regard the AI is so much worse than the regular human player that it is not funny anymore. You can not take the AI games seriously anymore.

    And this is why AI should NEVER interfere in a game where only humans are playing. But that is completely another story.

  • So what is your suggestion what should happen when a human player leaves a game if the AI is not supposed to interfere in such a case?

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  • A system where another human player could substitute him. That player will not get any penalties for losing but can gain if he wins.

    This would require implementing a lobby instead of matchmaker. So this would probably never happen. Although it would allow friends to invite each other into the game much easier etc.

    I have posted about these suggestions 1-2 years ago. This is how PlayCatan worked and it was very good.

  • I do agree with Stroom. It is very ridicolous how the AI plays most of the time. Plus it accepts unacceptable trade. No human beings would ever engage in such trading offers.

  • Two players dropped from a 4 player game (due to the kicktimer bug, of course), and 2 AI's joined. Then proceeded to work together against the human players, with unreasonable trades and not robbing each other, rather focusing on the weak human players.

    The only time I've seen feedback from the developers was "oh, maybe you have a resource they want"... so sure, I have something, but the other AI is at 8 points, or 6 points/2 knights/and 4 cards left... so why are they robbing the 4 pt player.

    And as mentioned above, the AI is likely to sit on it's cards rather than stop another play, or block another player from taking a win. Or do stupid trades to the benefit or a lead player/lead AI just get another card rather than build, and then it sits on the card and doesn't use it. Only the AI would trade with a player at 9 pts.

    I get the need for the AI, but it's terribly frustrating

  • Hello all, I just signed up today and played the introductory games against AI. Are all the games like this? I hardly got to play at all because AI rolled 7s so much and almost always placed it on me. In C&K I was forced onto some pretty bad placement with no access to brick and my 10 wood didn't get rolled once. I was the first to a second city but by the end of the game the AI had removed all my roads and I lost one of my cities. The only reason I had 4 VPs was because I pulled a VP card. Funny, because in the Seafarers I was not on any 10s but they were rolled far above any other number, seriously more than 15 times! I've been reading some other posts and have found a lot of complaints about the dice being ridiculous. Any suggestions on how to not get completely screwed by AI and is it worth buying purchasing the game or will I just end up with frustration and disgust?

  • It generally takes a user about 6 months until they realize what train wreck this game is. Up to you, I guess.

    Seriously, all you see in EVERY public Catan Universe community is constant complaints. There really is nothing good about this.

  • @Stroom Hey thanks for the response. Not what I hoped for but after playing just one free match, I saw what's up. The guy with 1200 elo got all the rolls, never got blocked when the robber was on his tile and was able to accumulate 15 cards twice with no repercussions. When it was on my 6 (2 cities), 6 was rolled 5 times the rest of the game but no more 7s were rolled. The guy was a hack, and would have had no chance in a home game, but this is so very not a home game is it? Guess I will not be investing in this version and will stick to when I can get together with friends and family.

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