"Medicine" Card Bug Allows Player to Build 5 Cities and 5 Settlements (See Screen Photo)

  • Have a look at the picture:


    This is probably easy to recreate using the same steps..... To be clear.... I was not trying to win this game.... I was trying to "circle around" the island, and prevent anyone else from leaving, then by refusing to activate more knights than the other players, and robbing them blind, I was trying to pillage and destroy the two opponents as much as possible in the small space they still had.... So, in order:

    1. I was already at the Maximum of 4 cities and 5 settlements.

    2. I moved the robber six times on one turn, and stole a bunch of opponents cards, deactivating my knights, knowing that it would get all of us piillaged.

    3. We all got pillaged (including me). This caused one of mt 4 cities to "tip on it's side", I assume meaning that it only represents a settlement at that point.

    4. I forgot to use my "Medicine" card, and so I accidentally rebuilt my city spending 2 grain, and 3 ore.

    5. HOWEVER, My "Medicine" card stayed green.... suggesting I could play it.... So, since I'm a cheater, I played it... Just like that, it let me build a 5th city.

    6. After I had a fifth city on the board, it allowed me to place a 5th settlement again. meaning I was occupying TEN spaces when the game rules should only allow for nine (4 cities and 5 settlements).


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    @StefanB1977 Thank you very much for the detailed report and screenshot.

  • @Administrator

    UPDATE: This bug can be recreated without using the "Medicine" card..... I did it again by simply getting to 4-Cities-and-5-Settlements, then getting pillaged.

    One city turns "upside down" or "on it's side" (I'm not sure..... It's clearly being drawn differently.)

    After rebuilding the upside down city, you then have the option to build a FIFTH city.

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    @StefanB1977 Thank you very much

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