Moving from old Catan HD to Catan universe

  • Hello there! I've been playing old CatanHD on my iPad to 2 years or so and I want to move on Catan univers and I have a question? Is it possible to give me base Catan base game in universe, because I paid CatanHD? Thanks for your reply.

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    @BigBallsSettler You can transfer in App purchases from the Catan Classic app to Catan Universe.

    1. Create a Catan Universe account
    2. Enter your Catan Universe account data in the transfer menu in Catan Classic (bottom right corner of the main menu)
    3. A message will pop up in Catan Classic if the transfer was successful
    4. Open Catan Universe and enjoy your expansions

    If you should run into an issue while the transfer please contact us via We will be able to help you there more effectively than here in the forum.

  • You probably should have stayed with Catan HD!

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