Reached Level 15 but can’t change the color of my outfit

  • @administrator According to the message I received when I hit level 15 (as well as the FAQ here), I should be able to change the color of my outfit. But when I try to, the colors are still locked and i get a message saying my level is too low. Please fix. Thanks.

  • This has been a big concern of mine too. I worked so hard to get to level 15 and was stoked to go change the color of my clothes...then I found it to still be locked. Very bummed out by this.

  • I'm also getting this issue. I'm now level 20 and it's still locked. I just want to change my clothes color!

  • @administrators yes please fix. Or tell us when the option is unlocked at what lever.
    Better yet why don’t you just put it in the text script when you mouse over the lock key icon.

  • Just wanted to say I also experienced this issue.

  • I also am experiencing this same problem. It's been an issue for at least two weeks.

  • Three years later ...

  • It works fine - though you may have to log out and then log back in before it will work. I had to do that to unlock the upper level colors.

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