7's Roll Way Too Much; Statistically Improbable.

  • Honestly I wish there were a "turn off 7's" option, in one game the dice rolled 20 7's, stated in the post game stats. I play many multiplayer games where the 7 is the most often rolled number, sometimes double all other numbers including 6/8, sometimes rolling consecutively 4,5,6, or even more turns in a row. Very frustrating for all gamers playing. The most frustrating thing is when you play IRL with friends this almost never happens, so it's got to be an error in the formula/game mechanics for dice rolls. An option to "turn off 7's" would be very helpful in multiplayer until this is fixed.

  • @smdavis as you mentioned:
    "IRL this almost never happens", but it can happend.
    And for your information, you know that 7 should be the mosy rolled number? Of course it is strange when it is rollrd more often then 6 and 8 together, but ot is possible ;)

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  • The statistical probability for a seven to be rolled is 1/6. The chance of a seven being rolled 5 times in a row is (1/6)^5 = 7,776 and a streak of six consecutive sevens should occur only once in 46,656 cases.

    Observe carefully: Do streaks of 5, 6 (or even more) consecutively rolled sevens really occur that often? If you play let's say 10 games over the evening and you have such streaks multiple times, I think one has good reason to become slightly suspicious. In such a case, one has to evaluate which is more likely: A ) That tiny probability actually realizing itself or B ) the randomizer being broken. The longer the streaks and the more often they occur, the more I would lean towards B )...

    Keep in mind however, that due to Stochastics and variance EVERYTHING is possible.

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  • Interestingly I've switched browsers from google to firefox recently and the issue seems to have stopped. Also my loading time has significantly decreased and the rate of bugs/glitches I experience is noticeably lower. Perhaps there is a browser compatibility issue with google?

  • Just as a follow up to my previous post: It's been about a week since the switch to FireFox Browser, since then I've experienced almost no glitches, whereas they were happening virtually every game when using Google, the numbers rolling has evened out to much closer to normal, and my win/loss ratio has increased to levels that I experience IRL games. I am now pretty much sold on the idea that the Google browser either lags more than FireFox, or is just not as compatible as the FireFox Browser for this game. Peace, I'm out!

  • I actually played an entire game recently, no 7s rolled. Bizarre but cool lol

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