Computer Played a "Road Building" Card, then Placed a Boat on the Pirate Hex

  • Playing on the Android app.

    When I play a "Road Building" card, all the normal rules apply for ship placement, with regards to the Pirate.

    Yesterday, I was playing a single player game with two A.I. opponents, and one of them played a "Road Building" and, and placed their boat right next to the Pirate. First time I've ever seen that happen.

    I don't think the A.I. is being forced to follow the rules properly.

  • administrators

    @StefanB1977 It always helps us immensely if you could send us a screenshot with a report like this. Either share a link to a file hoster where you uploaded the screenshot here in the forum or send it to us directly via including a description of the issues you encountered.

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