How about just reinstate playcatan?

  • OMG so after a break of catan and following some fun physical board games over Christmas I thought maybe I would try some online games again. PlayCatan doesn't let me log in so I just tried this site and it is so depressingly awful I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. I didn't think playcatan was perfect but I didn't expect them to make the game so so much worse with this so-called "improvement". Where to start:
    The graphics don't actually add to the gameplay, just make it longer to load and more band-width heavy.
    You can't see all the turn options immeditately - it took me 3 games to work out how to trade or get a dev card. I actually had to resort to the kindergarten introduction. LAME.
    The base game doesn't let you choose any game options (WTF?) Why would anyone pay to get more options when they can't try them to see what difference they make?
    The trade menu blocks your hand and the board so you can't work out the best way of trading,
    You can't make counter offers, ask for more or suggest alternate trades when it's not your turn,
    Default simple chat like "sorry I don't have that" which used to greatly speed the game has disappeared, instead you have to sit and wait while players - including the computer suggests 200 trade combinations, hoping that they suggest something you could actually trade with them.
    The game timer is ridiculously punative,
    The interface and the way different functions are placed randomly around the screen is a joke - put all the actions in a similar place, don't require people to sweep around the screen in some BS comedy way.
    And then the same old problems persist, laggy as anything, people getting disconnected, erroneous and over-zealous auto-kick/deny people's turn, I see you never reinstated the ability to choose to wait for people to reconnect, or admin a game. That was the thing that stopped me playing before, I assumed you'd realise your mistake with time. Apparently not.
    Ah, I'm glad my decision whether to sign up again was so easy. NOT IN A MILLION YEARS. I never thought I'd say it, but bring back playcatan - it was better in most ways, and no worse in the others.

  • You can temporarily unlock all versions of the game by using scrolls (you gain these for free as a reward for leveling up). Thus you can try out everything and then decide which contents you want to purchase.

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